VIII. Lyrical Form and Geometric Form (1968-1970)
Yona Fischer, Catalogue: "Itineraries and Forms", 1976
This fruitful creative period demonstrates how careful Aroch was to avoid routine, systematic work with forms, images, and materials.

In the Panda paintings of this period prevails the same lyrical frame of mind as in the Pandas of 1964-65. But the handwriting and the unique form appear in them explicitly in a symbolical and intimate context.

The oil paintings, 4 Parts and Z.K. are harbingers of Aroch's later works. Both are ostensibly abstract, but the concreteness of 4 Parts is no less than that found in the Tzakpar series and the broken lines in Z.K. reproduce, as testified by the artist, an associative link with the measurements drawn by the tailors of Aroch's childhood.

From here to Aroch's expanding interest in the craftsmanship involved in making the painting, the way is short.

"The search for forms - without knowing exactly what they will be: remembrance of situations over the years".

"The thoughts are ultimately personal, pehaps even intimate".

"To make a picture from a piece of wood - this is definitely not over".